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Benefits of the Internet


Excluding the fact that the internet is an addictive invention and it has many negative points, there are many benefits that the internet gives us. Almost everyone benefits from the internet since it is an invention that is meant to be used by everyone.

Since technology is rapidly increasing and the internet networks are being established almost everywhere around the world, more and more people have started to use the internet.  Many people around the world have begun to use the internet to chat with other people from different countries, to research, or to simply entertain themselves. 

People benefit from the internet because you could shop, buy, trade, and sell online! It makes life much easier, and makes humans today even lazier. The internet is a faster way of communication and makes it easier to buy things. Click Here to visit a website which shows the commercial benefits of the Internet.

Here is a table which shows the benefits of the internet that we use.



Benefits of the Internet
Instant Communications
we use; email, chat, company websites
News and Reference
we read/use; -daily newspapers online, encyclopedia's, online search engines.
we use; online movie guides, music, online videos, games, etc...
we; shop, find travel bargains, sell, rent etc...
These are some of the main things that we benefit from the Internet.

Click Here to visit a site where you can download some good music. Many people benefit from this site since it is free!

This is a picture that shows that everyone benefits from the Internet. To find more pictures about the internet and other subject click here.

Computer users as orchestra

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By: Surashri Shinde